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Full Dimensional Color $350+

-first time getting your hair done, with little to no previous color in your hair

-hair color is grown out past your nose

-you want to bring your current color higher AND lighter


Partial Dimensional Color $250+

-you have lots of previous color in your hair, but want to freshen it up

-hair color is grown out near or above your eyebrow (2-4 months old)

-you want to bring your current color high and add a few bright front pieces (not the full head)


Mini Dimensional Color $150+

-you want to refresh front face framing/money pieces only

-hair color is grown above eyebrow

-add brightness around face frame only


Correcting Color $350+

-you have several layers of box color in your hair that may need to be addressed

-overall blonde placement is unpleasant

-botched color services



Toner $125

-you want to go darker

-your hair is faded, yellow and too warm

-you want to refresh your blonde and make it “ashy”or less yellow again


Toner | Haircut $200


Toner | Haircut | Deep Condition $240


New Growth Grey Coverage $125

-you need to cover grey hair with permanent hair color

-this service is NOT for bringing up hair color/lightening hair. (Please see partial dimensional color)


New Growth | Toner $225



Haircut | Wash & Blowdry $100

Haircut | Deep Condition $155


Wash & Blowdry 75



The Nurturing Mama Hair Ceremony $200


-this is a new service offering that holds a close space to my heart. For the new mama, who just turned a new leaf; being welcomed into Motherhood. It’s a tender, soft time & much of your energy is going into your sweet little bundle. That being said, you need some time for yourself. A calm space, where you can bring your babe, not feel rushed, take as many breaks needed but also get pampered. This service includes extra time built into the appointment so that you can feel at ease. I can help you with feeling extra beautiful, and you can enjoy the salon suite all to yourself with no distractions, loud noises, a little escape from life at home. Includes a hair bath/10 minute head massage/hair cut/blow out & style

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